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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Career opportunities with FIP Group

Experience the unique opportunity to blend work and training with FIP Group by gaining a nationally recognised qualification at the same time as earning a living. FIP Group connects aspiring apprentices and trainees with reputable businesses Australia-wide, across industries such as food and Meat processing, manufacturing, horticulture, farming and agriculture, hospitality tourism and aged care.

Guidance toward qualifications

FIP Group’s dedicated team is committed to supporting you to find the right apprenticeship or traineeship aligned with your career aspirations. We ensure your growth and development is maximised and consistently monitored. Partnering with leading Australian businesses, we provide practical training, exposing you to real-world tasks and challenges.

Advantages of apprenticeships and traineeships

Flexibility is a core advantage of our programs - choose between full-time or part-time engagement and progress at your own pace once you’re confident with each level of the traineeship or apprenticeship. In addition, trainees and apprentices can enjoy benefits including annual leave and superannuation whilst studying towards advancing their journey with formalised qualifications.

Diverse types of opportunities

FIP Group empowers apprentices and trainees to upskill across various industries tailored to their interests and objectives. Common sectors include:

Meat processing

Meat processing trainees will gain expertise in portion control supply, including meat slicing, boning, trimming as well as maintaining personal equipment, basic hygiene and sanitation practices, safety, quality assurance and effective communication in the workplace.

Food processing

Learn to operate the machines that carry out food production processes, monitor the progress and quality of food products, work with conveyor belts, labellers, packaging equipment and general safety.


Learn to undertake a wide variety of landscape, chemical use, power tools, vegetation, arboriculture and land management activities.


Agriculture qualifications enable you to learn about livestock production, cropping or livestock and mixed farming techniques, fencing and animal health and handling.

Aged care (Individual Support - Aged Care)

FIP Group offers qualifications in aged care where workers learn the skills to engage in maintaining personal care and/or other activities of living for individuals in aged care settings and following individualised plans. Learning operations for residential facilities, maintain the personal care and independence of our elderly, first aid, personal support and safety procedures.

Transport logistics

Develop skills to receive inbound stock, stock take, dispatch of orders, loading trucks, processing orders, computer system, and general warehouse operations for cleaning and safety.

Navigating the process

Curious about how apprenticeships and traineeships work? Unsure about the right certification for you? Reach out to us and let our team guide you through the process. Once you've identified your preferred qualification, follow these four simple steps:

Recruitment: Apply for a job vacancy, undergo interviews, skills assessments and reference checks with the host business. Our team will support you to find a traineeship or apprenticeship that aligns with your goals.

Induction: Upon securing your apprenticeship or traineeship, complete onboarding formalities including contract details, salary, timesheets and benefits packages. Engage in workplace health and safety training followed by a comprehensive workplace tour.

Training: Progress through your apprenticeship or traineeship with the support of your dedicated Training Program Manager. They’ll monitor your training plan and ensure workplace safety is prioritised and maintained.

Completion: Once you've successfully met all training criteria, your qualifications will be formalised.

Get started with FIP Group apprenticeships and traineeships

Get in touch with the FIP Group team today to find out more about traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities. Find out more or express your interest by emailing the team at

Compliance and policies

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