Volume Recruitment

Volume Recruitment

Our model is unique in several key ways:
  • We are Industry experts.

  • We have an extensive national and international network to source labour.

  • We provide a “Soft Landing” and “On-boarding” process for new employees

  • Our safety record exceeds industry players.

  • We comply with all regulatory frameworks and are respected by governments and clients for our ethical behaviour and fair dealings.

  • We undertake regular third-party audits on all our systems.

We have the capacity and capability to meet the labour requirements that a cyclical industry demands; we can increase supply rapidly, delivering large volumes of people within short time frames, while we also have the flexibility to reduce supply to meet your needs.

FIP Group have the expertise to source, screen, filter and interview candidates using our unique processes. This ensures that the employees we deliver are of the highest calibre and suit the specific needs of your business.

Our national and international network allows us to deliver a workforce who are on time and work ready. We have a team of multi-lingual recruiters who have experience in sourcing local and foreign candidates.

From brief to placement, our standard service consists of:

► Consultation to understand your business, objectives and staffing requirements

► Collaboration to develop an ideal candidate profile

► Sourcing of candidates through innovative means

    • Targeted Advertising

    • Social Media

    • Community Engagement

    • National and international talent search

► Recruitment Process

    • Screen

    • Initial and second interview and shortlist

    • Reference check and shortlist

    • Work rights VEVO check

    • Pre-employment medical and testing as required

► Set Up For Success

    • Soft landing process

    • On-boarding support strategy

    • Site induction

    • Delivering to customer expectation

    • Safety awareness and training

    • Structured communication processes