Render Plant Manager

Location: Ararat
Job Type: Permanent
Industry: Permanent Recruitment
Reference: ARARATRPM
Job Published: about 2 months ago
Rendering Plant Manager (Kill Floor
Reports to: Operations Manager 
Direct reports: Render plant employees 

Position Summary: 
Manage the Render Plant by supervising staff, organizing, and monitoring work processes ensuring the process is conducted safely and required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used when required at all times.
Tasks can be of a repetitive nature that can involve lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing items and product weighing in excess of 20 kilograms, bending and stretching and you may be subjected to extended periods of both walking and in stationary positions.
You may be exposed to extreme temperatures and to damp conditions, hot water, cleaning detergents and chemicals.
The position may also involve labour intensive duties as part of a team of production employees to produce the final product.
In the red meat industry manual handling covers a wide range of activities such as slaughtering, boning, rendering, wrapping, packing, stacking and cleaning. 
These activities may involve: -
  • Repetitive or sustained application of force
  • Repetitive or sustained awkward posture
  • Repetitive or sustained movement
  • Application of high force
  • Manual handling issues including handling a live animal
  • Packing & handling of boxed meat
Key result areas
     Key accountabilities or major tasks
     Key performance indicators
  1. Adhere to company OH&S policies and procedures and ensure compliance to relevant OH&S legislation and regulations ensuring staff under you control also adhere.
  2. Maintain site and work area in a safe and clean condition.
  3. Complete the daily forklift checklist as required.
  4. Operate forklifts in a safe manner as per regulations and licensing requirements.
  5. Report any accidents, incidents or near misses on the company reporting and investigation template located in security in a timely manner.
  6. Report any hazards on the company Health & Safety Hazard Report.
  7. Report any Health and Safety issues to your OH&S representative in a timely manner.
  8. Wear required Personal Protective Equipment.
     Number of incidents.
Number of accidents.
Number of hazards identified in work area.
Lost time injuries.
  1. Ensure compliance to company policies and procedures across the department.
  2. Ensure licenses required to perform your job are current and updated in payroll files.
  3. Communicate work non-attendance to supervisors as per company requirements.
     Number of non-conformances.
Licenses updated and on file.
Number of non-communicated attendances.
  1. Manage Render Plant staff to organize and monitor work processes and accomplish department objectives.
  2. Ensure plant is maintained to the required standard.
  3. Ensure contractors are inducted and operate safely whilst on site.
  4. Ensure the Rendering process is done cost effectively and labour is managed efficiently.
  5. Ensure product produced is to specifications and complies to regulatory requirements.
  6. Ensure plant and procedures meet regulatory requirements.
  7. Maintain staff by selecting and training employees and developing personal growth opportunities and skill.
  8. Accomplish staff job results by coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees.
  9. Liaise with other supervisors to ensure labour efficiencies are maximized across the factory.
  10. Perform duties in any area of the organization as directed by supervisors within the limits of the employee skill, competence and training consistent with his / her classification.
     Number of non-conformances or performance deficiencies.
Budget / targets.
  1. Ensure that hygiene practices are maintained to meet required standard.
  2. Monitor and report any non-confirming product including labeling discrepancies.
     Number of non-conformances or performance deficiencies.
  1. Ensure your area is clean and tidy and any waste is removed in a timely manner.
  2. Encourage and facilitate waste reduction.
     Number of non-conformances or performance deficiencies.
  1. Participate in training programs as required.
     Training attendance.
  1. Complete documentation to standard specified.
  2. Maintain records and filing systems as required.