The Food Processing Industry - Are you serious about getting a job?

16 March 2020 Mark Doe

Adobe Stock 132232808 Asian Female Meat Worker

The food processing industry is one of the biggest employers in Australia, and is continuing to grow.

Job opportunities are plentiful, and these jobs can quickly turn into long term careers.  You might start as an entry level process worker, and upon showing the right attitude, good work ethic and reliability, be selected for further training. 

Do it right and in the future may hold qualifications or see you working towards a management role - before you know it, you could find yourself progressing and discovering jobs you never even knew existed!

But before you even get to this point, you need to start the process off properly.  Working in the food industry has specific requirements you must be able to meet as the first step to finding yourself in a permanent role and new career.

Firstly, you will need to understand what you are applying for. 
Can you start at 5am or work shifts? This is a manufacturing environment, and it has a tight timeframe that waits for no one. 

Can you stand on your feet and work for a full shift?  The work can be quite physical and repetitive, so you need to be fit and healthy.

If it’s a job with a meat processing facility, is this an environment you are comfortable in?

Secondly, are you able to learn and follow directions?  The food industry has strict processes and procedures around safety, health and hygiene, with no room for error.  You need to be able to listen, learn and be
highly attentive and accurate, making sure you always do the right thing without exception.  Things are done for specific reasons and there can be no shortcuts taken.

Can you work well in a team? 
You will be a member of a fast-moving team focused on the same outcome, and others will need to rely on you to do your part and communicate effectively and with respect. 

Now, if you truly believe you are able to say YES to all of these, you are ready to start the recruitment process.