Growth in Australia's Agricultural Industry

21 October 2020


​Australian agriculture has been one of the nation’s pride
sectors for a long time. It plays a vital role to the nation’s economic, social
and environmental sustainability. With Australia being such a huge continent,
it leaves room for ample produce due to the range in biodiversity found on this

And as we move, develop and grow into the future,
Australia’s agriculture industry is strengthening to meet the demands of our


Stats on the Agricultural Sector in Australia

The agriculture industry accounts for 58% of Australian land
use, meaning more than half of the country’s land is being used for these
services. It also accounts for 11% of the goods and services exports in

The top three
agricultural commodities produced nationally in 2018-2019 (based on export
value) were:

  • cattle and calves ($9.485 billion)        

  • wool ($4.159 billion)     

  • wheat ($3.676 billion)

The value of agriculture, fisheries and forestry production has
increased by 19% in the past 20 years in real terms (adjusted for
inflation), from approximately $58 billion in 1999–2000, to around
$69 billion in 2018–19.

And the growth and opportunities
from this industry accounts for 2.2% of value of added GDP as well as 2.6% of


Innovation in the Industry

Agriculture is no longer what it used to be – modern
agriculture makes use of science and technology for better efficiency and
management practices on farms. Businesses in these industries also pull
knowledge from a range of areas: from biology to chemistry, statistics, land
resource/management, genetics, environment & climate as well as economics
and modern information technologies.

This has allowed the Australian agricultural industry to
stay at the top of its game – by investing in new technologies and farm
management practices. This has allowed the nation to stay ahead of competitors by
returning an average productivity growth of 2.7% a year over a 30-year period.


Heading into the future

A research report conducted by Deloitte, identified three agricultural
products that are expected to see a high growth rate in the years to come. They

  • Beef, Lamb & Dairy

  • Aquaculture

  • Oilseeds

The agricultural industry is also at the forefront of environmentally
sustainable initiatives as they work across a large land mass. This opens up a
huge opportunity to invest in carbon neutral technologies and practices putting
Australia at the forefront of sustainable farming.

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