How to Prepare when Looking to Secure Farm Jobs

21 October 2020


​Australia boasts a range of home-grown products – from
apples and grapes to cheese and other delicious produce. This means that there
is a number of farm jobs available to hire for assistance on farms across the

Whether you’re backpacking around the country and looking
for a job or feeling like you need to a change of pace from the usual city life
– farm jobs are the way to go! So, how do you prepare once you’ve decided that
working on a farm might just be your next adventure?


Start your research and application process early

Fruits have different harvest times each year, and the type
of jobs available are dependent on that. Location also makes a difference, so
if you’re looking to experience the Australian countryside, this is your
perfect opportunity.

If you have a particular location you would prefer to work
at, look into the harvesting times that year and where the best locations for
work are. Once you have this sorted, you can start submitting applications.
Don’t leave it until the last second!


Find a role that suits your skills

Farm jobs can be more than just physical labour. Farm jobs
can also include data entry, cleaning services, lab work and even packing work.
It’s important to consider where your skills lie and what area of farm work you
would like to do.

Make sure your resume highlights all your applicable skills
and be honest about the role you want, as well as your availabilities. And
remember, even if you have no farming experience, there are transferrable
skills you get from any job that can be applied to farm work. As long as you
show you have passion, are a hard worker and are willing to learn – you’re off
to a pretty good start.


Check your work rights and minimum wage

Finally, it’s important that you know what your work rights
in Australia are. Some visas offer unlimited working rights while others, like
student visas, limit your working hours. It’s important for you to be aware so
you avoid any legal complications.

Fair work Australia also has a range of resources available
on minimum wages and work rights to help you better understand what you are
entitled to when engaging in farm work.


Find farm work with FIP Group

If you’re looking for your next farm work opportunity in Australia,
FIP Group can help you out! We are connected with reputable farm owners across
the nation and can help you find the best role that fits your unique skills!