How to Stay Motivated when Looking for a Job

21 October 2020


Trying to secure a job for financial and personal stability
can be an incredibly overwhelming process. It’s a repeated cycle of searching
for the right roles, writing cover letters, submitting resumes and hoping you
can at least get through to the interview stage.

And this can get tiring, pretty quickly. So, it is extremely
important that you’re still looking out for yourself when job seeking. Here, we
have a few key tips on how you can stay motivated when hunting for the next job


#1 Take breaks

Quite naturally, if you are starting to feel burnt out and
tired this is a sign that your mental and physical energy needs some rest.
However, you shouldn’t wait until the tipping point to take action. In the
beginning of your job hunt, it might feel like every minute spent away from
resume submitting is wasted time. In reality, it’s unsustainable and
inefficient to be constantly pumping out job applications.

Dedicate two to three hours a day to your job hunt. You
could even divide the time – one hour in the morning researching job
opportunities and two hours in the afternoon rewriting resumes and submitting
applications. This ensures you conserve energy, approach each task with a fresh
mindset and stop yourself burning out too quickly.


#2 Celebrate the little things

The lack of success in your job search can easily make
anyone lose motivation to continue. So, it’s important that you take time to
celebrate the little wins. From setting yourself weekly job application goals
to treating yourself to your favourite beverage or meal every time you score an

Remember that you are trying your hardest in a tough job
market, so you deserve to celebrate all steps towards your final destination.


#3 Ask for advice, support and constructive criticism

Finally, you don’t have to undertake the job-hunting journey
alone. Reach out to colleagues, friends and even connections on LinkedIn to get
feedback on your resume or interview tips. The more you learn and the more you
improve, the higher your chance of success.

Even if your application gets rejected, consider asking the
hiring manager for feedback and take it as a learning experience.


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