A Guide to Nailing Your Next Interview

26 November 2020 Mark Doe

Nailing Next Interview

​There’s no doubt that interviews can be tough – endlessly
reciting the answers to questions in your head and a sprinkle of self-doubt can
lead to sleepless nights, but a little bit of effective prep can go a long way
to help manage this pre-interview anxiety. In this article, we demonstrate a
few simple things you can keep in mind to nail your next interview.

A little bit of research goes a long way

One of the quickest ways to get a prospective employer to
discount your application involves not being able to effectively demonstrate
any information about the company. Doing a little bit of research beforehand
and casually showing you know some things about the company you’re applying for
can go a very long way to showing you’re serious about joining their ranks.

Bring some questions of your own

At the end of an interview interviewers will commonly ask an
interviewee if they have any questions. Although most people say no, having a
few questions prepared can make you look eager and interested. Plus, this is
also a great way to cleverly show off any information you discovered about the
company you’re interviewing for – employers always like it when people take a
keen interest in certain
aspects of the business
as it shows a time investment has been made.

The importance of etiquette

Skills are obviously key to any job, but how you present
yourself can be just as important. Turning up to your interview approximately
10 or 15 minutes early demonstrates that you’re well organised and punctual,
which are traits that employers readily look for in new employees.

This time is also valuable for candidates, as it provides
them with an opportunity to settle for a moment and wind down, ensuring they
aren’t flustered before they enter an interview. Etiquette also extends to how
you present yourself – dressing in clean, neat clothing and ensuring your hair
is tidy goes a long way to showing you are serious about the job you’re
applying for.

Practice makes perfect

Our last point is a particularly important one – practice
all of your answers out loud. When it comes to interview time, you’d be
surprised how easy it is to fumble the prepared bits you’ve recited in your
head. It might help to have a friend ask you some surprise questions as well to
help you consider some different points of view and approaches to the interview
you hadn’t considered.