5 benefits of a career in regional Australia

25 March 2021

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​It’s no secret Australia’s cities are rapidly growing. Populations in our capitals ballooned by more than 300,000 in the 2018/19 financial year, driven by natural increases and migration from overseas. But despite the overall growth in urban centres, internal migration paints a different picture: city dwellers throughout the country are leaving urban centres in record numbers and arriving in regional areas in search of new employment or simply a change of pace.


For job hunters, it’s important not to underestimate the benefits of a regional career. From the lifestyle to the cost of housing, there are many reasons to turn your back on the concrete jungle and literally head for the hills.


#1 Jobs are in high demand

 Tired of competing with hordes of overqualified applicants for a job you are well-equipped to do? Regional Australia is desperate for workers in a range of sectors, with fields such as healthcare and teaching expected to supply plentiful opportunities for candidates who can relocate. In-demand candidates naturally find it easier to apply for a job and land it, and employers are more likely to offer attractive packages to help entice you to their team.


#2 Housing is affordable

 A major drawcard for relocating away from urban centres is cheaper housing. Whether you want to rent or buy, what you pay for a cramped shared apartment in the inner suburbs could net you a spacious regional home with a backyard. From young people fresh out of university to mature workers seeking a change of scenery, countless Aussies are snatching up opportunities for cheap accommodation in regional areas.


#3 The cost of living is cheaper

 Not everything is cheaper outside the big smoke, but there are so many ways to stretch your dollar further in regional Australia. Things as simple as living closer to work at a lower cost and taking advantage of free parking quickly add up to big savings, in contrast with cities like Sydney and Melbourne which frequently rank among the world’s most expensive.


#4 You can enjoy a laid back, community-driven lifestyle

 Living in the city certainly has its perks, but an increasing number of Australians are seeking a change of pace from the busy urban lifestyle. Living in a smaller locality makes it easier to become part of a tight-knit community, where mazes of concrete and glares from strangers make way for natural surroundings and friendly waves.

#5 Suitable for remote working

The pandemic affected countless industries and many professionals who were lucky enough to keep their jobs found themselves working full time from home. Many employers are considering permanent recruitment arrangements for remote working, opening doors to those who want to live regionally while working for a business in the city, or even in another region.