How the Recruitment Industry is Evolving in 2021

25 March 2021

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​We are living in times of unprecedented change to the way we live and work, and the recruitment industry is naturally seeing seismic shifts in how jobs are created, advertised and filled. From the impact of technology to the wake up call of a global pandemic, here are four of the most critical trends shaping the recruitment landscape in 2021.

Virtual recruitment

We’ve all heard how the pandemic has geared businesses to favour remote working on a permanent or part-time basis, but the impact will be more than an internal shake-up. Employers are also modernising their recruitment solutions at increasing rates and are more open to remote interviews than ever before. Virtual recruitment is particularly important for hiring team members from different locations, but it may also become common practice for general recruitment as managers look to save time and money when hiring new staff.

From jobs to superjobs

As technology changes the way we live and work, the nature of recruitment changes with it. Research by Deloitte suggests the market is moving away from fixed, stable roles with clearly defined responsibilities and placing more emphasis on dynamic jobs that are complemented, not replaced, by machines. Recruitment will focus more on skills such as problem solving, data interpretation, teamwork, customer service, collaboration and empathy to equip candidates for these “superjobs” that adapt as the business evolves.

Employer branding and culture

Once upon a time, employers simply threw up a job ad on the nearest utility pole and the best candidates were expected to find it and apply. However, businesses have become increasingly aware that actively attracting top talent is crucial to success: by improving recruitment branding and workplace culture, employers boost their reputation among candidates and get an edge over competitors. 2021 will see businesses reach new heights in this regard, further entrenching recruitment as a two-way street.

Diversity and inclusion

Greater awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion is hardly a new trend, but the cultural turbulence of 2020 has set the scene for more socially conscious recruitment than ever before. Employers shouldn’t consider it lip service nor a branding exercise: diverse and inclusive workplaces build trust among employees, retain more staff, tackle problems with fresh perspectives and even generate more revenue. Job hunter? Employer? Whatever your recruitment needs, FIP Group has a passion for solving them. Get in touch to discover how we can help.