Key Roles to Start Building a Career in Transport & Logistics

25 March 2021

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​For a country as geographically immense and active in imports and exports as Australia, a powerful transport and logistics sector is crucial to economic prosperity. Hundreds of billions of dollars in goods cross our borders every year, travelling across a maze of road, rail, air and sea networks to keep our biggest industries running. Everything from your Amazon deliveries to the movement of raw materials relies on a well-oiled transport and logistics network, and the industry offers a wealth of career opportunities in every link of the chain.


What skills are required in transport and logistics?


The skills required to succeed in this industry are as diverse as the roles available. That said, having a strong base of transferable skills is the best way to launch your career: employers will favour candidates who demonstrate solid people skills, project management experience, teamwork, good communication, analytical and problem solving skills, great work ethic and a proactive approach to work.

What kind of jobs can I take to start my career?


Because of the sheer size and breadth of transport and logistics, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to entry-level, graduate and career-building jobs across a range of disciplines across a variety of fields. Don’t see one that piques your interest? Get in touch with our recruiters and we’ll find one that does!


Apprenticeships and internships

Some of the biggest companies in transport and logistics offer a variety of apprenticeships and internships to people looking to kick start their career. While often competitive, these schemes present the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door and build the basic skills required to land your first job.


Having an office ten kilometres above the ground is the kind of thing you either love or you hate. Getting a job as a cabin crew member or assisting on the ground is a fantastic experience and unique way to start a career in aviation, offering unparalleled opportunities to travel abroad and meet new people. Because these teams need to be efficient in size and operation, each member has to perform a variety of duties and will learn a range of skills in the process.

Supply chain and warehousing

Forgive us for being so broad, but starting off in any position in a supply chain is a sensible way to get started. From assisting in a warehouse to delivering goods as a courier, supply chain experience is invaluable to transport and logistics and offers a chance to build transferable skills when you want to progress your career.

Administration and data entry

The sector is increasingly driven by technology, so cutting your teeth on a basic administration or data entry position can introduce you to the nuts and bolts of the industry and help you build the core skills required. These roles can also give you a chance to identify where you want your career to go as you gain a greater understanding of how the sector functions.

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