Virtual Hiring: How to Conduct a Remote Interview

25 March 2021

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It wasn’t long ago that the vast majority of job interviews were held face to face, with virtual interviews reserved only for unique circumstances. We all know what happened next, and video calls are now an essential medium for everything from weekly meetings to hiring new staff.

It’s easy to assume a remote interview is no different to a traditional meeting, and it’s true that you can still identify great candidates without seeing them in the flesh. But be prepared: video interviews have their quirks and it’s important to know how to get the most out of them.


Test your tech

 Save yourself the time and hassle of spending the first 10 minutes of the virtual interview asking the applicant if your microphone is working. Run a test beforehand to make sure everything is going smoothly, and do it with plenty of time to spare in case anything needs to be fixed.


Prepare for the interview

 You’ll be tempted to wing it, but don’t. Remote interviews can be clumsy and awkward, often through no fault of the candidate. Take the time beforehand to establish a clear process to ensure the meeting stays on track.


Find a clean, quiet place

 The last thing you need is to be shouting over your colleagues or, if you’re working from home, your family. Making your candidate feel like they’re interrupting something isn’t a good look, and neither is a messy desk or a bed piled with clothes. Find a place you can give them your undivided attention and show your professionalism.


Take it slow and be as clear as possible

 Once you go through a few video calls, you begin to realise how much easier it is to communicate with and understand another person when you are face to face. Virtual interviews make it harder for each person to hear what’s being said, pick up on body language and bounce off the other person in conversation. To get around this, be clear about how the interview will be conducted and what you expect from them.

Consider using a virtual assessment

 Whether it’s a third-party tool or one you create yourself, virtual assessments are a great way to get further insights from a video interview that you would normally get in person. You can test candidates before the interview when dealing with high volumes of applicants, or ask them to complete it after your call. From general aptitude to industry-specific tests, there are plenty of assessments you can use to fine-tune your remote interviews.


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