Professional Roles in Regional Australia: Why more people want to move away from big cities

23 April 2021

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​With record-breaking job vacancies in regional Australia in recent years, there has been a distinct push for workers to move away from the big cities. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic played an important role, causing the biggest surge in internal migration Australia has ever seen.

Research by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) shows one in five residents in our cities are looking to relocate to a regional area, with half of those hoping to do so within the next year. The survey highlights a promising opportunity for vibrant communities that can offer a positive lifestyle change along with plenty of job vacancies to fill.

It’s easy to imagine why so many want to leave the cities behind. The rising cost of living, increasing traffic congestion and suffocating real estate prices are common gripes in growing population centres like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Many of those surveyed believe a shift to the regions could be the key to reducing anxiety and stress.

However, RAI’s research made another crucial discovery: the appeal of regional living is a stronger motivator than unhappiness with city life. Many respondents simply find the benefits of regional Australia too tempting to ignore.

More space

Life in the big cities is becoming synonymous with cramped apartments, noisy streets and hellish daily commutes. In short, space is at a premium. Regional areas are a quiet and peaceful change from the big smoke with fresher air, less noise pollution and more open areas to explore.

Connection to the natural environment

Regional Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife in the country, with untouched natural havens just a stone’s throw from many towns. Whether you favour rugged coastlines, rolling hills or anything in between, you’ll find it in the regions.

Relaxed lifestyle

One of the best drawcards of regional living is the refreshing change of pace, driven by tight-knit communities who welcome newcomers with open arms. It’s about spending more time with your close friends and family, soaking up the atmosphere and being part of a friendly collective.

Lower cost of living

When compared with dense population centres, regional Australia offers average income earners a higher standard of living and cheaper housing. You get more bang for your buck, especially when it comes to property.

Like the sound of a more peaceful, relaxed and affordable lifestyle in regional Australia? Browse jobs and discover the perfect opportunity to go regional.