Elenoa's Inspiring Journey as a PALM Worker: Adapting, Achieving, and Inspiring

16 February 2024

Elenoa Article

"Let your sacrifices be your biggest motivation."

Elenoa Taukei's journey from Fiji to Australia with FIP Group has been a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering courage. Raised by a single mother alongside five sisters, her life's path was marked by both hardship and the strength to rise above it. Tragedy struck when she lost her beloved daughter before embarking on her journey to Australia. Her profound loss was a driving force to embrace the opportunity to work in Australia while channelling her resilience to build a new life.

Embracing opportunities in Australia

Once in Australia, Elenoa was faced with some challenges, including a long one-hour commute from home in Hervey Bay to work at BP. Determined to ease this, she set herself the goal of getting her driver’s licence. She saved enough money to put herself through driving school, secured her licence and saved towards purchasing her own car. Although there were hurdles in achieving her goals, Elanoa shared, “My son kept me going. He told me to keep trying.”

While working in Australia as a service station attendant, Elenoa has gained a number of new skills. “I learned so much from this experience. If I have to work elsewhere, I now have barista and kitchen experience to make coffee and meals,” she shared with gratitude.

Triumphs beyond boundaries

Elanoa’s recent trip back to Fiji provided an opportunity to participate in cherished traditions once unachievable. "I'm very proud that because of this job, I got to participate in these traditions by myself," Elenoa said, sharing her joy in achieving family expectations. Elenoa is now able to send her son to private school and is working on her next goal of purchasing land and building a house for her family.

Inspiring future generations in Fiji

Elenoa's journey isn't just personal, it's a light of hope for other young girls in Fiji. “I want to be a motivation to other young females that it's just not about growing up, getting married, and staying home," she shared. Elenoa's advice to young girls in Fiji resonates with her own journey, "Let your sacrifices be your biggest motivation. Believe in yourself, rely on God, and work hard. You can, you will."

Elenoa's story embodies strength, resilience, and the power of perseverance. Her experiences in Australia, her ambitions for her home country, and her dedication to inspiring young girls in Fiji stand as a testament to the transformative impact of determination and unwavering spirit.