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Workplace Relations Policy


FIP Group is committed to managing all matters pertaining to employment in a fair and ethical manner and in accordance with relevant legislative requirements.


This policy applies to all employees, including:

·         full time, part time, casual, permanent or temporary;

·         contract or commission workers;

·         volunteers, vocational and work experience placements.

It applies to employees whilst:

·         At the Company premises

·         Attending work-related interactions with fellow employees, and with clients, candidates and other stakeholders;

·         Fulfilling work-related obligations;

·         At the Host Company/stakeholder premises; and/or

·         At a Company sponsored or funded functions or activities during and/or outside working hours.

Other actions by employees outside working hours may also fall within the scope of this policy if there is an impact on the employee’s ability and/or suitability to do his/her job or the actions bring the Company into disrepute.


The aim of this policy is to provide an overview of areas in which the Company is committed to maintain compliance.


The company maintains its awareness of obligations as an employer and is committed to operate within various State and Federal laws. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Abide by the relevant obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009

·         Payment of wages in accordance with the relevant Industrial Instrument which may include the relevant Modern Award/s, registered enterprise agreements or common law Employment contract

·         Adhere to the obligations and responsibilities contained within the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

·         Register employees with the relevant Workers Compensation Authority

·         Comply with the relevant Superannuation legislation

·         Comply with relevant State legislation regarding Long Service Leave and Portable Long Service Leave for eligible workers

·         Provide detailed pay advices for all employees as required by the Fair Work Act 2009

Comply with the relevant anti-discrimination legislation The Company will encourage a harmonious environment for all, by:

·         Employing the best person for the available position regardless of the employee’s gender, race, nationality, disability, family circumstance, sexual orientation, age etc.

·         Evaluate, develop and promote all employees on the basis of recognised performance, aptitude and potential.

·         Reward high achievers and monitor employees ambitions in order to foster career growth

·         Educate the workforce on acceptable behaviour and reiterate zero tolerance to any form of bulling, discrimination or harassment

·         Refer employees to access the Employee Assistance Program who may be in need of confidential counselling.

Consequences of non compliance

Failure to comply with the policy may result in consequences outlined in the Disciplinary Policy which may include termination of employment.

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·         Disciplinary Policy

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed at least annually (or more frequently if necessary due to technical or other business policy requirements). The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify, or withdraw this Policy at any time. The Employee is responsible for regularly reviewing its terms.