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PALM Scheme Workforce Solution

​For an engaged, productive and secure workforce leverage the PALM Scheme

FIP Group is the largest provider under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme supporting 170 client sites Australia-wide, trading under the entity as Regional Workforce Management (RWM).

What is the PALM Scheme?

The PALM Scheme allows eligible Australian businesses to hire workers from nine Pacific Islands and Timor-Leste, when local Australian employees are not available.

Through FIP Group, your business may recruit workers for longer-term unskilled, low-skilled or semi-skilled roles for up to four years.

Pacific and Timorese workers can develop their skills for when they return home to their own countries as well as send income home to support their families and communities.

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  • 8,000+

    PALM workers

  • Working with


    Client sites Australia-wide

  • Workers from


    Pacific Islands and Timor-Leste

  • 250+


Food processing expertise

Operating in the food processing industry for almost two decades, our consultants bring a deep understanding of the sector with proven outcomes, offering credible advice and recommendations.

In addition, the team understands the challenges rural and regional businesses encounter in meeting operational needs, earning a reputation for adeptly sourcing staff in remote and challenging locations.

Our recruitment specialists fill critical roles for food businesses and their workforce needs, such as:

  • Meat process worker

  • Farm hand

  • Livestock attendant

  • Aquaculture attendant

  • Horticulture labourer

In addition to food processing, our expertise spans multiple sectors, including meat, manufacturing, horticulture, fisheries, farming and agriculture, accommodation, hospitality, tourism and aged care.

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Benefits for businesses

  • A reliable and dedicated workforce

  • High retention rates

  • Streamlined recruitment and onboarding

  • Lower training costs, better staff retention: Our approach minimises the need for frequent sourcing and training, saving you time and money

  • Boosted productivity and output: With a more accessible labour force, we help overcome labour shortages and challenges

  • A dedicated account manager for each host employer

  • 24/7 pastoral care

  • High standards in safety and ethics: Our processes are fully ISO certified, ensuring compliance and reliability in an evolving legislative landscape

Benefits for workers

  • Develop skills for their home countries

  • Send income home to support their families and communities

  • Growth and learning experiences: Exposure to new skills and development opportunities while in Australia

  • Qualification opportunities: Long-term workers can complete qualifications such as a certificate in meat processing for better earnings and career advancement

  • Higher income potential: Workers earn more than in their home countries, supporting their families and stimulating their local economies

  • Strong worker protection: Participants have the same rights and protections as Australian workers under the PALM Scheme

End to end support

The support FIP Group provides starts in-country, taking care of the complete recruitment through every touchpoint. From recruitment and in-country onboarding to visa and immigration to mobilisation and settling in Australia.

Recruitment: FIP Group travels to each country and conducts information sessions, physical assessments, interviews and medical testing ensuring a seamless process.

Immigration and visas: FIP Group handles the complexities of immigration compliance including key documentation and visa applications, liaising with Labour Sending Unit.

Travel: To ensure a smooth and efficient journey, FIP Group arranges flights to Australia and transport to host employer.

Worker induction and onboarding: To prepare workers for their new role and environment, FIP Group provides a comprehensive induction for the workers in their first week. Health checks and vaccinations are also conducted to prioritise worker wellbeing.

Accommodation and transport: FIP Group arranges safe, comfortable and convenient accommodation as well as reliable transportation so workers can get from home to site easily.

Personal finance and insurance support: We assist workers settling into work and advice on saving and sending money home.

24/7 pastoral care: FIP Group's onsite team provide 24/7 welfare support ensuring workers emotional and religious wellbeing is a priority.

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“The PALM workers bring a lot of stability to ACC. The key differentiator is their 24/7 responsibility outside of work, setting them apart from other providers. They're extremely well structured, from their in-country onboarding to bringing in workers into Australia, setting them up in the local community and supporting integration into their local community outside of their job.”

– Andrew Ross, Australian Country Choice.

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Worker welfare

Ensuring a positive experience for PALM workers is paramount. We ensure workers are prepared to live and work in Australia. FIP Group recognises the challenges faced by PALM workers who often arrive in Australia without familiarity with the culture, community and new jobs.

To support their wellbeing, we provide 24/7 pastoral care, catering to both spiritual and religious needs alongside housing and community integration into activities such as sports. Our dedicated on-site managers also have an understanding of the host employer’s business intricacies, ensuring workers receive comprehensive support tailored to their role and circumstances.

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"I saw this as a golden opportunity to work and support my six little brothers in the Solomon Islands and pursue my dream of becoming a professional boxer. I’ve learnt a lot of things like time management – showing up to work on time as well as food safety... these are skills I can take back home with me."

– Lemuel, Solomon Islands

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Countries we recruit from

  • Fiji
  • Kiribati
  • Nauru
  • Papua New Guinea
    Papua New Guinea
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
    Solomon Islands
  • Vanuatu
  • Tuvalu
  • Timor-Leste
  • Tonga

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PALM Scheme FAQs

  • ​Approved employers can recruit under the PALM Scheme. FIP Group’s employing entity, RWM, has been an approved employer since 2018 and has employed over 8,000 workers across multiple industries during this time.

  • ​RWM is the Approved Employer for PALM Scheme, employs workers, placing them with the host business. RWM’s support commences in country looking after the entire recruitment cycle through each touchpoint – from recruitment to onboarding to visa and immigration to mobilisation and payroll in Australia.

  • ​Mobilisation of PALM workers typically requires a minimum of eight weeks following recruitment application approval, assuming all documentation is completed. Approved employers liaise with relevant government Labour Sending Units for workers which employers' interview and select from.

  • ​FIP Group supports across all roles witin your operations on the floor for example process workers, farm hands or labourers. We also operate in manufacturing, horticulture, farming and agriculture, fisheries, accommodation, hospitality and tourism.

  • ​Through the PALM Scheme, FIP Group can support meat and food processing businesses for long-term workers for up to four years.

  • ​The Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403) lets PALM workers come to Australia to take part in the PALM Scheme. As part of the recruitment process, workers submit the relevant documentation and FIP Group applies on their behalf, liaising with the Labour Sending Unit.

  • ​Adapting to life in another country can present challenges, however, FIP Group provides comprehensive information and support to workers them settle and integrate into their new community. Other areas include personal finance, superannuation, banking, taxes and other essential items like mobile phones and clothing.

    We also provide 24/7 pastoral care, fostering a positive working environment and encouraging community engagement. FIP Group’s onsite managers oversee client accounts and offer day-to-day support, building relationships with workers to ensure their welfare.