How To Ensure You're Hiring An Experienced Employee

26 November 2020 Mark Doe

Experienced Employee

​The recruitment process can be very tough, and finding the
right employee to fit a role can often demand a greater resource and knowledge
investment than employers are prepared for.

If you’re having trouble knowing who the most experienced
employee for the role is, you might want to consider implementing a few
recruitment strategies to make the task easier. Knowing where to start can be
tough, though, so in this article we outline three of our favourite methods to
get you on the right track to better employment decisions!

Include similar roles in the screening process

When you’re looking to hire someone to fill a role, getting
an employee already employed in a similar role to sit in during the interview
process can give you some insight that you might not have had if it was just
you on your own.

Someone already experienced in the role already knows the essential skills needed, the pain points and
what makes someone flourish, so their advice can point you in the direction of
someone effectively demonstrating these qualities.

Don’t forget previous candidates!

If you find the newest round of applicants to be lacklustre
or lacking in numbers, it’s never a bad idea to go back to any past applicants
that have applied for similar jobs. It may have been a tough call the last
time, which means that there may be some highly qualified candidates still out
there who are already familiar with your company and will most likely
appreciate another opportunity to apply again.

It may even be the case that they’ve upskilled since you
last saw them, making them even more valuable additions than you expected –
don’t play too hard to get, though, as you declining their potential employment
twice in a row would likely put them off indefinitely.

Create better job descriptions

Sometimes small numbers of responses from prospective
applicants are due to poorly written or uninteresting job descriptions. By
creating attention-grabbing job descriptions you’ll be able to convince more
people to apply by demonstrating that your business isn’t like its uninspired

This can be achieved with precise job titles and
fun and exciting job summaries, but it’s important to not go too long-winded –
you still need your description to be concise and to the point. In essence, it
needs to contain all of the essentials while also incorporating a bit of